Terms of service

Availability of service

  1. Firefly Campus Laundry shall reserve the right to restrict, refuse, suspend or cancel the service at the exclusive discretion of the management. The company will attempt to provide prior notice before any action is initiated. No responsibility shall be held over the company if any consumer fails to receive the advance notifications. The services will be restricted on national holidays and other days that may be notified by the company.
  2. The services will be restricted on national holidays and other days that may be notified by the company.
  3. The company shall strive to offer the services as mentioned. Provided there are no unexpected events.


Fair Usage Policy

The customers are to use our services fairly and refrain from misusing them in any way.

Delivery period

For the articles collected from the customer, the final processed items shall be returned within 48-72 hours. In the event of any delay, the reasons for the same shall be communicated with the customer.

For orders that include special treatment and drying processes, the delivery period may exceed 72 hours.


  1. Firefly Campus Laundry excludes any /all articles that are beyond the processing capacity of the company.
  2. Exemptions can be made on special service inquiries at additional cost.


Pick-up and Drop-off

  1. The company will communicate with the customers their customized time slots for pickup and delivery. The customers are expected to adhere to the timeline provided and the company will not be liable in case of a missed pickup/drop-off.
  2. The customers are to arrange with his/her apartment/housing complex for security clearance for the company pickup/drop-off transportation.


Authorization Clause

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the customer to receive the items in person. The company shall contact the customer in the contact provided if the customer is not found for drop-off.
  2. In an event of the customer entrusting another person to receive goods on their behalf, the company will not be liable for missing/damage to the goods received.


Payment Information & Refund Policy

  1. We accept all modes of payment.
  2. We stand responsible for the lost articles and provide a compensation for the same.
  3. It is our agenda to stay precautioned against bleeding of clothes, color loss, or shrinkage. However,we do not take responsibility for defective/ low quality clothes.
  4. We guarantee to remove stains without affecting the quality of the product. However, if they are stained through our practices, we offer to compensate for the loss.


Covid Practices

  1. We ensure the safety of the customers by adhering to the covid practices. For the same, we manage to make contact less delivery and follow personal hygiene measures prior work.
  2. Our drivers maintain parameters of social distancing both during the pick-up and drop-off of your delivery.
  3. Following the WHO norms, we follow precautionary measures, eyeing on the safety of all our customers.
  4. You may opt for ‘contact less collection’ by adding to the special instructions column within the website. This is to ensure that the package is safely delivered to you, at your doorstep, or a safer place that you recommend. However, we recommend you to make the best use of the Washapp. On the contrary, we also inform you that we relieve ourselves of any responsibilities for the wrong instructions given.


Bookings open on Android and IOS apps.Cancellation of order/subscription

(Company Name) shall reserve the right to cancel the services in the event of a violation of company rules, National laws, Payment issues, commission fraud, misuse of services, any action that is detrimental to the reputation of the company and its services. In any of the above instances, the matter of refund of subscription/fees is under the complete discretion of the company.

Notice of Changes

Any change to the terms and conditions may be displayed on the Company’s official website and application. They shall deem to be in effect immediately from the time they appear on the website

Office Address

FCL, 40/3A, 3B , Opposite to GK plastic, Jagadheesh Nagar, P.N. Pudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641007

Working Hours
  • Mon – Sat: 09.00 to 09.00 PM
  • Sunday: Holiday
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